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Reviewing McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce

Szechuan SauceHere it is,our 100th review at and today I thought I would review something that has come back and was long overdue for a comeback.

But let’s begin at the beginning, back in 1998 McDonald’s came out with a special sauce for their Chicken McNuggets to tie-in with their promotion of the Disney movie,Mulan. It was called Szechuan sauce. If 16-year-old me remembers it well, it was delicious.

Fast forward 19 years to last April with the season premiere of Rick and Morty where it was touted by Rick. Rumours of a comeback were brewing.

In October McDonald’s ran a one-day only promotion where they brought the sauce back,but it was a limited supply,and by that it meant that about a dozen or so packets were available at select locations. People traveled for miles and even across state lines only to be left disappointed when they couldn’t get the sauce. It got to a point when riots broke out when supplies were gone.

Fast forward to this week when the fast food chain released the sauce again,but with a heftier supply. I,myself,received some from my sister who had some extra ones and wasn’t too impressed,but maybe I would like it.

Forgetting that I had it at home,I went to a McDonald’s by my office yesterday and ordered 20 McNuggets and got three packets of Szechuan sauce. I used two of them with the McNuggets that I had.

I’ll be honest, I really liked the sauce. It was sweet and tangy and was complimentary to the nuggets. I think,however,some spice was missing with it. The sauce could definitely use it,and if I remember back to 1998 it had a considerable amount of it.

Other than that, I think the sauce is almost worth getting into a riot over,but only for a limited time!

Thumbs Up!


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