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Odds & Ends-Volume 10

Are the Rams heading back to Los Angeles?

On PTI on Monday,it was reported that the Rams are backing out of their commitment to play in London for 2013 and 2014. It was suggested by substitute host J.A. Adande that they might be playing that extra home game in a new stadium next to Staples Center (hinting at Farmers Field). The NFL hasn’t had a Los Angeles presence since 1994 when both the Raiders and the aforementioned Rams were there and then bolted for Oakland and St. Louis respectively before the 1995 season.

Personally for me it would be weird seeing a team in Los Angeles again. The idea of the league returning there has been floated around time and time again the last 18 years, it’s become as wishful as the Auburn Dam was (Google it,kids!). There is no doubt in my mind that people in L.A. would support the Rams if they were to return, they did play there for over 40 years and I’m sure they still have fans that follow them there as they play in St. Louis. I hate seeing fans lose their team no matter where they are,though.

Staying in the NFC West, the Cardinals are apparently favoring John Skelton over Kevin Kolb for the starting quarterback position and I think it’s the right one. Look, Kolb has not shown he’s the quarterback of the future while Skelton has shown flashes of being a guy who can help your team win. Last season he was 5-2 as their starter and that alone should give him some consideration from the Cardinals to be their starting quarterback. With Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd to throw to,how can you go wrong?

If he can’t get it going, then go back to Kolb and see what he can do,but right now I think Skelton deserves a shot to get the Cardinals back to prominence.

What in the world is Adidas doing to traditional college football uniforms?

Notre Dame,who for years has had an iconic college football uniform, has gone to a different uniform for their game against Miami being played in Chicago. The helmet is two-thirds gold and a third navy blue with the Notre Dame leprechaun in white.

I’m not a Notre Dame fan, but I think these uniforms are absolutely 100-percent terrible. College football uniforms in general are getting uglier and uglier. The only ones that do it right are schools who actually have traditional looks like Ohio State, Alabama, LSU, Michigan and Penn State (although those two schools have changed theirs somewhat in recent years). I’m starting to wonder if the people designing these are on something, they almost have to be if they’re this ugly.

By the way, you can thank Nike and the University of Oregon for starting this trend. This is why I don’t like Oregon, not to mention the hi-liter yellow is burning my fucking retinas.

The Melky Cabrera saga continues as it was revealed that Cabrera had created a fake website for performance enhancers that he “bought” them from as evidence to save him from a 50-game suspension. To be fair, players are allowed to attempt to prove they unknowingly ingested a banned substance on their own.

I find this very laughable. Why would anyone do this? Cabrera should’ve owned it all along and saved the Giants some trouble. Will he get suspended more than he already has been? I don’t know. I feel like it would’ve happened already because they knew about the fake website before the suspension was handed down and he would’ve had a longer sentence. I think he should be suspended more. He lied to baseball officials about what happened, you just don’t do that. As for his future with the Giants, as much as fans have enjoyed him this season, I don’t know that they’ll be bringing him back. As talented as he is, I’m sure the team would rather give that $50 million extension he maybe would’ve received to a player they already have that’s not going to bee a knucklehead.

Something that hasn’t been mentioned much and is a bit of old news but the NFL is moving the kick-off times to 4:25 p.m. Eastern time. I think that this is a terrific thing.

As a West Coast fan of an East Coast team, there have been times where it’s the final two minutes of a game, my team is down by less than a touchdown and they’re trying to come back and win it and then all of a sudden you hear this:

“Due to NFL regulations, we must switch to the second game of our doubleheader. We’ll be right back!”

Then you hear these words emitted from my mouth at home “God damnit! Son of a bitch!”

It will be great to be able to see the end of my early game and then the beginning of the late game for the 49ers and/or Raiders as well(if the latter team sells out the game). The only people who may not like it is the networks who have their postgame shows. So what,it’s a fan’s game and I like anything the NFL does to make the game more fan friendly.

One thing I’m getting sick of is seeing sponsors for businesses on the field during the preseason games that are created by the channel or network I am watching the game on. It’s not just happening with football, baseball also does this and I’ve even seen fake sponsors on the glass in hockey games. The television people probably like this but I don’t. It just has that feeling of unnecessary on it.

I don’t need to see LivingSocial’s logo emblazoned across the red zone while Calvin Johnson’s making a catch and you know something? I think a lot of fans can do without it,too! Stop it!

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