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Reviewing Top Ramen, No More!

I’ve been online since February 2010 and I realized I’ve never reviewed another blog, well that changes today as I review my good friend Christina’s blog.

As many of you young people know,college is expensive enough. So is trying to eat on a budget, which often times consists of pizza, Taco Bell, macaroni and cheese,and even top ramen. Well put away that top ramen away and get on your computer and visit Top Ramen, No More!

Online since September, Top Ramen, No More! details Christina’s quest to teach herself how to cook food that didn’t have as many preservatives in it. This site also shows college kids (and bloggers who aren’t making much money in their own life) that there is more to life than thin noodles accompanied with flavor packets. Upon my first visit to this site, I got hungry immediately (which happens often). There are a lot of pretty cool things on here from lemon pepper chicken to salads and even one of my favorite comfort foods, the grilled cheese sandwich.

One thing I like about this site is how much of Christina’s personality is brought to it which I think is vital to many blogs out there and I see it since I know her personally and you will see that when you visit this site. There are also many different ways you can navigate it which I think is pretty cool since we all have preferences on how to do that.

Just like the BBrothersBlog, I like to have my readers follow who I know and who I read. I will definitely be back to this site and I hope you guys check it out,too.

You can find Top Ramen, No More! at

I give it a Thumbs Up!

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