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Winter time is coming and I’m thrilled!

If you know me well enough or have read what I’ve written in the past, you’ll know that despite being a lifelong Californian, I am pro winter. Many people over the years have asked why, reasons being that they’re in disbelief of it or they think I’m nuts for enjoying such a cold season or the majority of them like summer better and want me to be on their side of the fence. No thanks!

Summer is not that great for me, it might be for you, but it’s hell for me. Throughout my lifetime I have had a tough time dealing with the heat. When I was eight years old I was hospitalized for dehydration and have suffered through heat exhaustion many times since then. What’s so great about 100 degree temperatures other than jumping into a swimming pool when its that hot? Not very much if you ask me. Summer is full of nothing but sunburns, hot temperatures, and finding shade.

Although it is impossible to frown on a waverunner (thanks for that one,Brian Regan), I am often depressed during this time of year, I try to avoid going outside because it’s so hot so I am stuck at home a lot where none of my friends are. I hate having to turn on not one,but two fans in order to get rest at night. I also hate living in an area that gets so hot during this time of year and it also sucks when you wear glasses during this time of year because they slip down your nose when it’s warm and that’s never fun.

I just like colder weather better, I guess it traces back to where I live or maybe it’s because I was born in February,but I just love it. When I was younger (and now) we did not have a heater during the winter and I’ve actually been okay with it. It’s actually a lot easier for me with finding alternative methods to keep warm whether it be with blankets, sweatshirts, long socks, or beanies or even a fire in the fireplace. I don’t even like turning on the heater in my car,but because the windows fog up if I don’t, I am often left choiceless. And don’t you even dare turn on the heater anywhere else, I feel like I will be sick if it’s on. I was at an event back in February where the room I was in was too hot and I nearly suffered heat exhaustion.

I love the smell outside when it’s cold and the smell of fires burning in the fireplace. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love the seasonal items they have at various eateries, like the Peppermint Blizzard from Dairy Queen or the Pumpkin Spice Frappucino from Starbucks (even though I rarely go there these days…too pricy). I love that I can get away with wearing just sweatshirts because let’s face it,it doesn’t get too cold in Sacramento for me to even need a jacket. Up until last year I didn’t even own one, true story.

I know you summer folks are getting to be bummed that the cooler temperatures and falling leaves are on the way,but while you’re miserable,I will be living it up. Happy winter everybody!

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