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The kingdom is on the move (Our 350th entry!)


sacramento-kings-logoEarly this morning it looked like a second of one of my predictions (possibly third if Katt Williams continues to make the news) as the Sacramento Kings were reported to be sold to a Seattle investment group (Stop me if you’ve heard this one before!) and set to play in Key Arena next season. The Maloofs were in talks to sell the team and the Hansen-Ballmer investment group was reported to offer $500 million to buy the team and the offer was rejected. 

As the day went on, the onion of truth has been peeled and as of now the team is not sold or moving. But I have to say that I can’t see it not happening. Sure, we have been down this road before with the team staying and then the arena deal that fell apart last year happened,but I think this time is for real. Seattle has just much more to offer than Sacramento does. More corporate support, more infrastructure,and a fan base waiting to embrace an NBA team.

Sacramento’s once passionate fan base is now indifferent to them whether they leave or stay. Some don’t care if they go no matter who owns them,some just want the current majority owners to go away and some want what is best for the city with the team there. Not to mention the Sleep Train Arena is empty as fans stay away in droves.

As for me, I am prepared either way if the team stays or not. If they do stay,which I don’t think they will, I’ll of course support them, but I would like to see an ownership group surface to invest in the team and the city for a new arena. If they leave, I will become a fan of a different team,more than likely the Golden State Warriors. Yes,losing the only professional sports team your city has would be a big blow,but there are other avenues to explore, like maybe the NHL or even MLS soccer. I would love to see an NHL team come here, but a new facility would be built first because Sleep Train Arena has poor hockey sightlines and is really really old.

We will of course keep everyone updated on the latest of what is happening and offering insights on the story that is changing by the hour and the minute.





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